Nightmare Before Christmas...   Do You Have Contents Cover?

Date Published 09 December 2013

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If you don't have any contents cover, you're seriously risking a nightmare before Christmas as opportunist thieves tend to more active at this time of year.

Burglary increases by approximately 23% during the winter months according to crime prevention charity Crimestoppers.

It's important then to make sure you keep your home secure at all times. Here are our top tips for keeping out intruders:

Make sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving the house. Even if you're inside the house, be aware that thieves could sneak in through an open window or unlocked door.

Burglar alarms help to lower your home insurance premiums, but you must remember to set them before heading out.

Ensure that car and house keys can't be seen through the letterbox, as thieves may attempt to fish them out using a wire and hook.

If the gifts you've bought came in boxes advertising what was inside, don't leave them leave on display by your bins, as they could serve as an inventory of what's in your home for burglars. Break the boxes down as much as possible and mix them in with the regular rubbish, or head to the tip or recycling centre.

If you're going away for Christmas, make sure everything is locked up, appliances are switched off and the heating is set to a low temperature on a timer, as you don't want the pipes to freeze up while you're away.

Also if you are going away - don't publicise it on Facebook or Twitter.

If you're going away for an extended period, check your contents and your buildings insurance. If your property is empty for more than 30 days at a stretch, your cover may be invalidated, so you'd need an additional policy.

If you have outdoor Christmas lights and you're feeding the cable through your window, you need to make sure the window can't then be pried open. The best option might be to use battery or solar powered outdoor lights.

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