`Activity In The Housing Market Has Picked Up Further,` Bank Of England Reports

Date Published 23 August 2013

Housing market

Housing market activity had risen further in recent months, both in terms of enquiries and transactions.

In the new-build market, improving conditions were partly ascribed to the effects of the new Help to Buy scheme (applying to England only) and to a continued easing of mortgage availability, though some contacts reported stringent conditions on higher loan to value loans.

The Help to Buy scheme was also said to be boosting demand in the market for existing homes, by raising expectations of future house prices.

Buy-to-let investors had remained highly active. On the supply side, a shortage of properties for sale was said by estate agents to be restraining transaction volumes and to be putting upwards pressure on house prices.

For the full report see http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publications/Documents/agentssummary/agsum13aug.pdf